martes, 17 de abril de 2007

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Ricardo Peomenzanigood!!! I like play soccer too. But my talents is make delicious cookies =)

Luis cardozo :Hi! Excellent dramatations. Very funny

Luis Vargas: hi! My favorite hamburgers and pizza ummmmmmmmmm

Luis aguilar: ecxelent blog...great weekeend!!! in the Colonia tovar..

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

what's the matter?

Amy: hi! What’s the matter?
Amanda: I feel sick. I have a headache.
Amy: that’s too bad. I think that you need to see a doctor
Amanda: ok

Monica: hello, good morning
Amanda: Hi! I’m here because I have a terrible headache
Monica: sit down over there, and wait a minute please
Dr. Daniel: hello! Good morning. How are you?
Amanda: I feel bad, I have a headache
Dr. Daniel: why?
Amanda: I feel bad, I have a lot of work, it’s stressful, my life is stressful!
Dr. Daniel: well, I’m going to give you some aspirins. Take one aspirin every day after lunch.
Amanda: yes doctor, thank you very much. Bye
Dr. Daniel: Bye. I hope you feel better

Great weekend

In this unit I talk about my weekend

***I had a good weekend***

On Friday night I study in my house and watched T.V, but on Saturday I went to the church in the afternoon and I went to the party with my friends. On Sunday I went to the beach with my family all day.
and you what are you going to do next weekend?

My person...!

In this unit I talk about My person and I talk about my mother too

My full name’s Xiomara Patricia Rincon Guerra. I was bonr in Maracaibo, Zulia on September 28th of 1988. I study accounting at URBE. I can cook very well chicken and meat. I like go to out with my friends.

The person I admire is my mother. Her name is Siomara de Rincon. She is 48 years old. She was born on July 7th. She lives with me in La Cañada. She is a very healthy person. She is easy-going, friendly and very dedicated.I admire my mother because is a good person and helps a lot of people. My family and I always have what we need because thanks to my mother and my father we have everything.
well people... and you who person do you admire?
The bank is on “XR” avenue. The bank is next to the restaurant

Juan: excuse me miss, where’s the bank?
Leidy: the bank is on “XR” avenue
Juan: how do I get to “XR” avenue?
Leidy: walk down “DW” avenue for one block, turn right on “XR” avenue, It’s on the right.

The Delicias Mall is between the park and the square.

Alison: excuse me Mr. Pedro where’s the Delicias MallPedro: the Delicias Mall is next to the square “Sucre”
Alison: How do I get to Delicias Mall?
Pedro: Walk down First Street for two blocks, turn left on “XR” avenue. It’s on the left

The pharmacy is Second Street on the corner of First Street. The pharmacy is across from gas station.

Alejandro: excuse me Mr. Where’s the pharmacy
Gregory: the pharmacy is next to bookstore
Alejandro: how do I get to the pharmacy?
Gregory: walk up First Street for two blocks, turn left on. It’s on the right.

The school is on the corner of second street and “DW” avenue. The school is across from supermarket.

Santiago: excuse me miss. Where’s the school?
Valentine: the school is next to supermarket.
Santiago: how do I get to the school?
Valentine: walk up First Street, for two blocks, turn right on Second Street and walk up for on block. It’s on the left.

The restaurant is on the corner of “XR” avenue and First Street.

Nathaly: excuse me Mr. Gerald where’s the restaurant
Gerald: It’s next to bank
Nathaly: how do I get the restaurant?
Gerald: walk up First Street to “XR” avenue, turn left at “XR” avenue. It’s on the left.

My favorite celebration

In this unit I talk about my fovorite celebrations

****My favorite month of the year is December. I love is December because it’s Christmas. My birthday is on September 28th. I was in 1988. My favorite celebration of the year is Chinita’s Fair. This celebration is very important to Maracaibo. It is on November. it last five days and we wait for this celebration all year round because Marabinos enjoy with all kind of cultures and activities like parades art exhibitions, popular dances, custom contests, sport events, bigconcerts.I share with my family and my friends, it is very exciting****
what is your favotite celebrations?

My talents***

In this unit I talk about My talents

My talents!!!

My talents are make delicious cookies.

I can cook thanks to my mom, I can cook gratinated chicken, pasticho, and ather types of foods, I really like to make quesillo, cakes and cookies. I make cookies in my house in the afternoon.

Ingredients to make delicious cookies: eggs, flour, sugar and butter.

what sport do you like

what are your talents?